A wide range of elegant veils are available with Swarovski crystal. Variety of fabrics are available to be used to suit customer needs. We offer additional services to tailor veils to fit the dress's design and the bride. Different styles are also made available with varied patterns and textures.


We also provide tiaras for the special bride to where on her day. We supply various styles and designs to customersize outfits. Also different colours and sizes are made available to add additional style and class. Designs supplied Amanda Wyatt and Richard Designs collections.


We also offer a wide range of jewlery from some fashionable jewlers that helps complete a brides outfit. Jewlery is made available in a wide range of styles usng a combination of decorative stones. earrings, necklaces and bracelaces are all poivded for customisation.


Head accessories are made available in a wide range of styles including conventional hats and stylish fascinators by Richard Designs to help accessories outfits. A variation of colours and styles are made available to suit a brides dream. These are tailored to fit and look appealing.

Extra Services

One-to-one Consulations

We are known to offer efficient one-to-one consultations to allow us to undertstand requirements and deliver a deserving service.These can be used to finalise arrangments and to generate unique designs.

Dry Cleaning and Dress Box Services

We also offer dry cleaning services to make dresses and outfits feel fresh and light. In addition we privode services to professionally supply outfits to the required destination via decorated packaging.

On the Day Dressing Services

If required, we are able to help customers dress for their big day and help them look and feel special. This is where we are able to help brides and their party get ready for the day ahead from fittings and making minor adjustments to outfits.